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It is a highly mutated online academic program composed of virtual classrooms that augment the learning process into a more lucid and schematic experience.

School ERP Plus

We are a part of a constantly changing eco-system. The real change in organizations is brought by the global business evolutions and use of Information Technology. Today’s world is in total control of technology and the management of every economic or non-economic system including educational institutions has become a hectic & complicated task. Globally, schools are raking in billions of dollars to build and improve their IT infrastructure to an elevated level to run School Management operations through ERP solutions.

















Why School ERP Plus

School ERP Plus is a complete one-stop-destination product, which is systematic, efficient, sophisticated, yet an user-friendly School ERP solution. It opens a wide vista that will change the current education management in schools by bringing a futuristic smart solution on to touch screens and computer monitors.

School ERP Plus is an agile, flexible, responsive architecture for facilitating information flow by customized integration with multiple technology streams of integrated software modules. School ERP Plus facilitates-cashless transactions connecting 53 banks, Smart Intimation, Voice Calls, Vehicle tracking, Mobile application with school logo, Learning Management System, Communication platform with 108 regional languages, E- mail alerts, Absent call alert, Social Media integration, Powerful academic Excellence Enhancement tools.


School Resource Management System

Every school requires a systematic approach, careful planning & accurate facilities to attract the best students, exhibit the best results & project the best image.

Learning Management System (LMS)

Learning Management System (LMS) is an application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of educational courses or training programs.

Parent Connect

The Parent Connect uses the best technology to provide the best solution to inspire the education sector. Effective and continuous communication is the best way to build an everlasting relationship.

School ERP Plus is a complete one-stop-destination product, which is systematic, efficient, sophisticated, yet an user-friendly School ERP solution.


School ERP Plus is a complete one-stop-destination product, which is systematic, efficient, sophisticated, yet an user-friendly School ERP solution.


We Offer Services

HRMS & Payroll

Get an online HR who serves you with all the details as well as approves/reject leave applications of employees. Our online HR also gives you the exact pay slip of each employee for the month and that too with precise calculations.

Communication & Mobile App (SMS, Data & Voice)

Have you ever had a thought of having an APP like Whatsapp for your school? If so you are at the right place; School ERP Plus develops an exclusive Mobile APP in the name of school which parents will be downloading it from play store & enjoy all the benefits of getting connected School ERP Plus.

Library & Books Management

Get everything online like, books issued, due date books remaining & make your librarian more productive.

Fee Management & Online Fee transaction

Provide your parents the facility to pay the fees through your school mobile app and get a complete list of defaulters and collection report through the fee software installed in School ERP Plus.

Exam Management & Report Card

Create exam timetable and notify parents along with the results at previous tests. Also generate report card within a single click.

Analytics & Academic Excellence Tools

Give your parents the forecast as well as analysis at their child’s performance through mobile app. Also notifying them with daily portions covered, home works given instructions for next day etc.

Time Table & Substitution Management

Our automatic class time table software helps you to create a class time table for an entire year with a single click. Daily substitution timetable will be made even before the first period starts.

Finance & Inventory

Still stuck in tally? Get a track of all your financial transactions and do a budgeting with our all new easy to use Finance module.

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We are a new age Product Engineering and Enterprise IT services company that focuses on Communications, Enterprise and Mobility technologies through a combination of in-house products and solutions. We specialize in enterprise level application development and mobile software development. Appscook provides a host of services round the clock including managing infrastructure, databases, custom applications and commercial applications for our clients. Appscook supports a diverse and illustrious set of clients in its efforts to leverage the optimal use of existing and emerging technologies. With a deep rooted R&D culture and flexible engagement models, we continue to delight our customers through our team of skilled and dedicated engineers.

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